Department of History
The University of California at Davis

            Research Interests:

            Political Ecology;  Environmental History;  Colonialism;
            Pastoral Societies and Arid Lands;  Middle East and North Africa;
         Environmental Change and Public Health;  Ethnoveterinary Medicine

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Drylands Maps (from the book)   

Marsh Prize & Meridian Award    

Courses Taught:

Undergraduate Courses:

 HIS 108:  Global Environmental History (Winter 2017 Description)

HIS 109:  Environmental Change, Disease and Public Health (Fall 2017 Description)

HIS 110: One World One Health: Humans, Animals, Environment (Spring 2016 Description)

 HIS 193C:  
The Middle East Environment: Historical Change and Current Challenges (Spring 2016 Description)

Graduate Courses:

GEO 260:  Global Political Ecology (Winter 2017 Description)

GEO 200AN:  Geographic Concepts: Histories of Geographic Thought (Fall 2015 Description)

HIS 201X:  Global Environmental History: Critical Perspectives

HIS 201X:  Empires of Nature: Imperialism and the Natural World in Africa and Asia

HIS 201X:  Nature and Culture: Environmental History & Social Theory


Middle East and South Asia Program at UCD
American Veterinary Medical History Society (AVMHS)
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